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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Raggis to Riches

Well, maybe not RICH, but I'm writing a module for LotFP's July IndieGogo campaign. Check it out:



  1. This sounds interesting and I like your other stuff, so I'd like to know more. Could you say more about it than what it says on the IndieGoGo campaign page and what you said on Jennisodes?

  2. Well, basically it takes place in a large-ish city. There is a plague, and a quarantine. The characters' actions have the potential to affect how long and severe the quarantine and plague are. It's largely sandbox, though. Various hooks and events will present themselves, but few are mandatory.

    1. Thanks for answering so quickly! But I already knew all that from reading what it says on the IndieGoGo campaign page and listening to what you said on Jennisodes. Can you tell us more than that? Specifically, I'd really like to know the stuff that Telecanter asked about here:


      The questions of his that I can't figure out the answers to from what you've already said are:

      "How many sessions will it probably take to finish?"

      "Is it a location I can use more than once or just a one-time twist ending thing?"

      "Is it trying to do anything innovative as far as adventure design goes?"