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Monday, February 25, 2013

What to Run: Part 2

Plans are progressing on the campaign front. I sent a "broad strokes" email to the group and got some good response from a few people. Enough so that I felt justified in setting up an Obsidian Portal page for them to peruse (If you've never checked OP out, do so. It's a terrific online resource, even for face to face playing).

Taltos is the setting that Reaper's "Warlord" game uses. I've always liked it (and the minis), as it allows for a lot of fluidity to events. Instead of a nice, stable kingdom, the whole region's power structure is in constant flux. This gives the PCs a lot of freedom, but also less security. It should be interesting to see how they handle it.

I plan on tweaking things a bit from canon, of course. Partially to avoid spoilers (though I imagine most of players have not read the setting fluff) and partially to tailor it to an RPG format instead of a wargame.

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