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Monday, February 20, 2017

Breaking Stuff

I've not given up. I've been working on several ideas for running a game. It will (probably) be FAGE, but possibly Crypts & Things. I've even painted a few minis!

Anyway, here is a random idea I had while looking at some old Runequest stuff (gawdz how I loved that game!)

Weapons Materials and Damage

The idea is that there's three types of weapons (melee): Bronze, Iron, and Steel. Now "bronze" is not exactly like real world bronze. It's softer and heavier than iron for these purposes (there are plenty of sources online explaining bronze vs iron in reality). For fantasy purposes, bronze is an element, not an alloy.

Bronze is cheaper and more readily available in remote areas and places like remote villages. It is also (like cold iron in folklore) the metal that fae creatures fear.

Iron is cast iron. It is the default metal for much of the world. It's harder and slightly lighter than bronze. It is also a bit harder to find, though by no means rare.

Steel is almost like Valryian steel in GoT. It's lighter, harder, and tougher than the other metals. It's also expensive and rare. In D&D terms, many +1 swords would simply be steel.

A harder metal can damage a softer one. Any metal weapons can harm a wooden one (including pole weapons like spears). Weapons carry a "toughness" of half their maximum listed damage (without PC bonuses). So, in Fantasy AGE, a battle axe (2d6 damage), has a toughness of 6. missile (not thrown) weapons all have a toughness of 3. A shield's toughness = its Defense Bonus and armor's = its AR.

In FAGE, an attacker can use the Sunder stunt (see below) to try and damage the target's gear.

Sunder (4sp): Instead of hurting the target, you damage his equipment, Damaged armor loses 1 AR, shields lose 1 point of Defense, melee weapons are at -1 damage, and missile weapons are at -1 to hit.

The damage is permanent until repaired by someone with the appropriate skill(s). If an object's toughness is reduced to 0, it is permanently broken and cannot be repaired.

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