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Friday, July 15, 2016

Fantasy AGE Bestiary is out

I know, I know. I haven't posted in FOREVER.

My gaming has been sporadic lately and a new job has sucked up a lot of my free time. But, in honor of the new release by Green Ronin, I thought I'd type up a little something related to their entry for vampires.

Specialization: VAMPIRE HUNTER
(Rogue, Warrior, or Mage)
Int: 2
Will: 2

You are dedicated to the destruction of these undead predators

Know your foe. You gain the Vampire Lore (INT) focus. Further, after observing a vampire for three rounds or more, you can make a TN 13 test to determine the vampire's type and one of its vulnerabilities. The "That makes me wonder" stunt can reveal further information.

Iron Will: You gain a +2 when resisting a vampire's magic and Porphyria infection.

Killing Stroke: You can perform the Lethal Blow (Lethal Spell for Mages) stunt vs vampires and thralls for 4 instead of 5SP.