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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moldvay Musings V

The blurb about scale movement is pretty straightforward, but I find it interesting on two levels. The first line reminds us that the use of miniatures is not a given in classic fantasy gaming. I remember playing AD&D back in the early 80's and never using a mini.

The second aspect is the wargamery use of inches to feet. No grid or hexes, just linear distance. After years of using things like Chessex battlemats, it's neat to be reminded of other ways of handling scale and distance.


  1. My group never used it back in the day: the mid 90s. Things didn't go sideways until D20.

    1. I started using mats and figures because I got into painting minis. I didn't want stuff for just display, so they often get used for games even if the rules don't make them completely necessary.