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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer of Snooze

Well, Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and with it the end of the summer vacation season. I have been taking a bit of a hiatus from gaming the last couple months. My intention was to recharge the creative batteries a bit and ease off the weekly session schedule in general. I had in mind to complete a few projects that I'd been toying with as well. One was a Moria skirmish terrain/minis project for Song of Blades and Heroes rules. I didn't end up getting much done there.

On the plus side, I published Gyre in time for it to be at GenCon. It was a definite goal of mine to have a new product out for the convention, so that's one for the win column. I also wrote and submitted an adventure for Ganesha Games' Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG to be published in the next issue of Talespinner magazine. It was fun to write for something new (though it does include Labyrinth Lord stats as well). I'm looking forward to seeing that when the issue comes out.

Now that our little ball of dirt hurtles its way toward the equinox, I suppose I shall be returning to the table soon enough. I don't know if I am yet ready to run a game (haven't really prepped anything), but it's been a fair while since I rolled the dice, so adventure awaits!

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