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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grognardia: A year later.

James Maliszewski's blog Grognardia was a reading staple for OSR gamers almost from the inception the "Old School Renaissance." His reviews, observations, and play reports were always insightful and well-written. I don't know that there is or was a gaming blog that I read every entry of other than his.

A year ago today his blog ceased updating.

I confess I don't know all the reasons behind James' ceasing of new posts. The Dwimmermount Kickstarter complications and private life played a part as I understand it. While I can perfectly understand letting something like a blog lapse in the face of more important or pressing issues, and I don't blame James for not writing, I do want to go on record saying I miss his posts and also to give James a belated "Well done, sir!" for putting out such excellent material while the blog ran.

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  1. I second that. I've stopped blogging due to RL commitments but I still keep an eye on the blogosphere. Grognardia has been a regular read of mine, and I hope it will be again.