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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kelvernia: Bullet Points for Nations

Here's the quickie blurb for each country as I would describe them to a player:

  • Cramond: "Baseline" euro-fantasy kingdom in setting. Possible uncertainty about succession. Changed and metalmen tolerated but not well-accepted.
  • Jerimet: Up & coming recent dynasty. Territorial ambitions. Ships changed and metalmen to a quasi penal colony.
  • Tyros: Plutocratic sea traders, run by an extremely wealthy oligarchy. Think Venice mixed with the Islands of the Purple Towns.
  • Lossara: Horse tribes. Cross between arabs and mongols. 
  • Tolkati: Northern barbarians. Eskimo Conan.
  • Arganta: Viking pirates from a desert land. 
  • Glaw: Mysterious forests.
  • Subat: Fallen empire. Kind of like Melnibone and Stygia mixed with Mayan overtones.
  • Elves found in remote, wooded areas of Jerimet and Cramond. 
  • Dwarfs primarily from Spear Mts.
  • Halflings live among men in farming communities.

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