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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kelvernia: Tolkati

To the north lies frozen Tolkati. It is a land of taiga and tundra; with rivers and snows and tall spruce trees. The people of Tolkati are barbaric nomads, organized into small clans. They ride small, shaggy ponies and live by hunting, trapping, fishing, and raiding. They are a warrior culture, emphasizing personal bravery and honor through combat. A tolkat army would be a fearsome thing, but the tribes would never work together to make it happen.

Tolkati is a land of spirits. The religion of the tribes is one of nature spirit and ancestor worship. They consider the Five to be just more spirits. The spirit world often plays tricks on mortals and there is little to be done about it other than persevere.

There are few metalmen in the snowy wastes –they seem to prefer civilization– but the changed are relatively common for some reason. The tolkat viewpoint is that the changed are as they are because the spirits willed it. As a result, they are treated pretty much like anyone else.

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