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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kelvernia: The Wildlands of Glaw

Far to the northwest, lies Glaw. To most people in Kelvernia, it is a land shrouded in myth.  Few have ever seen it. Even in Jerimet, Glaw's closest neighbor, the nearest towns and villages are separated from the border by miles of trackless plains.

The Straits of Glaw are a sea of wicked currents and shoals. Since there is little to no trade that far away, even sailors have rarely caught a glimpse of the Glaw coast. A few bold explorers have landed on the coasts, but there is no tale of a successful expedition into the interior.

Glaw is said to be a primeval wilderness. It's described as a land of giant trees, heavy mists, and no trace of civilization. Rumor says that there is vast wealth to be found there, that veins of gold run through the hills and raw gems litter the stream beds. Rumor also tells that strange beasts and stunted aborigines make quick work of any who venture there.

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