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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

RMA: Wild Boar

Sus scrofa, or Wild Boar, is a perfectly normal critter. It's not giant or magic or dire. Unlike it's more fantastical "cousins", the wereboar and devil swine, it lacks special or supernatural abilities. So why bother listing it in the monsters section at all?

Well, first off, boars were all over the place in medieval Europe and Asia, so a fantasy world based on that sort of period would likely have them as well. They appear in the grassland, woods, river, inhabited, and jungle encounter tables.

Let's have the stats, shall we?

Boar (from Moldvay)

AC: 7
HD: 3
Move: 150' (50')
Att: 1 tusk
Damage: 2d4
No. App: 1d6 (1d6)
Save: F2
Morale: 9
Treasure: Nil

As a straight-up fight, boar are low on the risk-to-reward scale for PC types. They are fast enough and just tough enough charge in and to bang up the party without giving them much in return. No treasure and only 35 xp each. Their morale isn't awesome, but they'd probably stick about for a round or two at least.

There are a few scenarios where I could see featuring these animals in adventures or even just an encounter. 
  1. Remember that wereboars can summon these things to fight with them. 
  2. Low level PCs might ingratiate themselves to a landowner by dealing with some pesky boars ruining the crops.
  3. They might the only food source around for starving PCs lost in the wilds.
  4. Body disposal

Pigs are omnivorous and are not shy about carrion. Popular fiction has periodically used this fact to add a sinister aspect to their feeding habits.

Scary man!

Imagine a crime boss who keeps a boar pit outside of town for such a purpose. Or what if someone was killed in the woods and a sounder of boars found the body? Maybe something important or valuable was on the corpse when they started to feed?


  1. If the PCs were captured by, say, the bugbears or aranea (or spiderwitches as my campaign calls them) in your previous post, then the boar pit could be gladiatorial trial that they were put through with the losers being eaten.

    1. "Whoever survives THE TUSK can walk out of here!"

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