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Monday, March 26, 2012

Back from Garycon!

And a good time was had by all.

If you are a tabletop RPG fan, this is a terrific con for just getting a chance to play. Especially some of the classic games that maybe you never got a chance to before. You get to sit at the table with some of the TSR old guard if you want, or just sling dice with whomever is up for a game.

The highlights for me:

  • Played Amber Diceless for the first time ever. It was a blast (I got to be Caine, hee!)
  • Tim Snider of Savage Afterworld ran an excellent game of Mutant Future in which I played a two headed telekinetic covered in spikes. Honestly, what can compare?
  • I squeezed in at Jeff Rient's Myrddin B/X game and a good time was had by all (I hope he runs again next year). And yes, I was there when the Mad Unicorn was slain.
  • Spent a lot of time hanging around the vendor room jawing with Jon Hershberger, Michael Curtis, John Adams, and Dan Proctor.
  • Got my dwarf torn to pieces in Hackmaster, which sounds like a bummer, but was actually tons of fun. I would recommend playing in one of George Fields' HM games, but apparently he was swamped with people trying to get into his (full) games this year, so... yeah! Man he stinks! ;-)
  • Played a cold-war era game of Cthulhu d20 (a version of the game I've read but never played) and managed to (barely) defeat the Shining Trapezohedron. I think I may have been the last PC standing, iirc.
  • Had a spectacular breakfast on Friday and Saturday at the Egg Harbor Cafe in downtown Lake Geneva. Try the strawberry orange juice, you won't be sorry.
In any case, I am looking forward to next year. I may have to run something to get in on that GM concierge service deal!

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