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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kelvernia: My 'Mutants & Mazes' concept

The land of Kelvernia is a land of magic, gods, and monsters. Where dragons lurk in deep caves, goblins haunt the forests, elves sail on ships with golden sails, halflings farm in isolated villages, and dwarfs forge mighty works in their mountain halls. Wizards, warriors, and other brave men travel to remote and dangerous locales to seek adventure and riches.

Stories tell of a brilliant star that suddenly appeared in the night sky over a century ago. It grew larger and brighter until it could be seen in broad daylight. The star grew larger too. Oracles proclaimed it would consume the world. Many believed the apocalypse had come. 

When the star was nearly the size of the sun, the legends say that the five gods joined forces and destroyed the star with lances of green fire, shattering it to pieces. Since that time, the Church of the Five cast the gods in the role of the world's protectors, saying the star had actually been a demon servant of Baal trying to eat the world. They also say that only the Five stands between mortal men and the next demon star that might appear.

Not long after the hysteria of the star had died down marked the first appearance of the metalmen. No one knew where they came from, but the metalmen were so named for they appeared to be encased –or comprised- of steel and brass. Some stumbled about like a wizard's mindless golem, but others possessed a level of awareness and even had individual personalities. Many carried strange tools and weapons never before seen in the lands. Eventually some even came to "live" among men.

The world also began to grow strange around this time. Some people -changed. Becoming bizarre in appearance; some of these changelings seemed more beast than human, a few even looked like plants! Many of these changelings began to demonstrate almost magical powers. Sometimes a changeling would be born to "normal" parents, other times a full-grown man might suddenly change in the space of a fortnight.

Today, the metalmen and the changelings live among the men, elves, and dwarfs of Kelvernia. This coexistence is not without strain, but works well enough for folk to go about their lives in general.

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