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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kelvernia: The Doges of Tyros

This little archipelago is arguably the richest nation in the world. A center for commerce, the merchant houses of Tyros trade in everything. They also boast the finest shipwrights in Kelvernia (save possibly the elves). The Doges are the major houses. Seven in all, the heads of these houses form an oligarchy which rules Tyros.

The islands are home to many skilled artisans, but most of the nation's wealth comes from brokering deals and acting as a middleman between buyer and seller. Even though the warehouses in the ports groan with goods, it represents only a fraction of the business done by the merchants here. The banks of Tyros often extend credit even to monarchs.

Tyros is a nearly true plutocracy. Wealth is status, and little else matters. Human, changed or elf, it makes no difference. Either one has what it takes to succeed, or one doesn't.

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