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Friday, February 17, 2012

The politics of gaming

Well, JEEZ!

Here I just went on about how cool Darva's blog is and now she's shutting it down (or at least ceasing updates). Why? Because apparently some folks in the gaming community had issues with some of her personal views.

I'm not arguing the merits of either side of the issues involved. If anything, it reinforces my belief to keep such topics out of my gaming posts, etc. I am sad for Darva, not only because I feel she's been hassled unfairly, even though posting about topics like Planned Parenthood on the internet is considered an invitation for conflict; but also because I really enjoy the gaming material she's posted and her thoughts on the hobby.

I hope she resumes posting at some point, and I'm keeping the link to her blog up, but I also hope that she'd be made to feel welcome.

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